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Use LiquidDox to fix your data before you have a dataroom

Company documents are spread out over hundreds of files that create inconsistencies, errors, and omissions. 


Investment transactions, such as dilutive and non-dilutive financing are extremely manual and requires expensive people and documents.


This results in delays in filing, delays in accepting, and additional costs associated to cleaning up the documents.

We built LiquidDox to take multiple document types, extract data, review, score and structure financial and corporate information into a database.


This makes your data easy to see, exchange, analyze and report.  



An approach we call going Napkin-to-Liquid.

LiquidDox VIP

Our VIP service, available now, is designed to make your life easy. You send us documents, we send you back structured data ready to import to any data room platform. 

Our Application

Our application is currently being deployed to BETA customers only. Please sign up to be notified.  

Our Technology

Using a fintech expert engine, document AI and machine learning, we have specifically crafted LiquidDox to analyze corporate documents, identify discrepancies, and speed the review. 

100% Support Promise

LiquidDox is committed to make sure your documents have been reviewed quickly both by our AI as well as our support team. We offer a 100% guarantee on our work.  

Using LiquidDox will change your life forever. 

No more long days and late nights, looking for information, finding and reconciling discrepancies, or tracking down orphan data. 

LiquidDox turns your documents into a relational database, making sure names, addresses, and thousands of other key fields are checked, validated, flagged. 


Years of team experience 


Key Financial Information Fields


Words reviewed


Available countries


Big idea to change due diligence

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