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Our Mission

Is to make building a data room the easiest part of the transaction. 

Our Story

Tomas Gauthier was a young entrepreneur working on taking companies public on the Canadian stock exchanges. The work was tedious, manual, and required long days and late nights to meet deadlines and manage expectations. After many years, he thought there needed to be a better way. 

Tomas later met Chris who had just gone through selling and exiting the SaaS company he founded.  Over the next 6 months, the idea for LiquidDox started to form. Chris had gone through the pain of a due diligence first hand, spending hundreds thousands on accountants, lawyers, and going through an ocean of documents that needed to be posted and re-published to a cloud data room. 

The pain of a transaction really comes from creating the data room and making sure all the documents were properly identified, organized and synchronized. The idea of a document AI solution that could read multiple document types, translate them into data, but then be able to organize the data into a structured database was a revolutionary idea, so Liquid Docs was born. 

We added the 3rd key member to the team, Fabrice Fischer to Liquid Docs. His unique background in finance and AI was a perfect fit to build the development team and the platform. 

Together with a team of engineers, investors and advisors, Liquid Docs is getting to work solving due diligence. 

Experienced Leadership


Chris Thierry


Chris co-founded LiquidDox and is CEO responsible for leading vision, alignment, and strategy. 


Prior to LiquidDox, he spent 20 years as an president & co-founder of Cimpl, an award winning SaaS company that sold to Upland Software (NASDAQ: UPLD) in 2019.

Chris is an active angel investor and board member as well as a member of Young Presidents Organization (YPO)



Tomas Gauthier


Tomas co-founded LiquidDox and is COO responsible for Sales, Business Development and Customer Operations. 


Mr. Gauthier combines an extraordinary passion for tech innovation with more than 15 years of leading edge tech startup experience working with over 80 companies. 


 Graduating in finance, Tomas has funded, developed, launched, operated and exited multiple companies.


Fabrice Fischer


Fabrice is CTO responsible for product strategy, development and R&D teams 

He has a 25 years experience at the C-level woking in AI, finance, equity and technology companies. 


A passionate technology guy, Fabrice is also an associate professor in AI and is the author of "The Future of Finance" 

Fabrice has a B.Engineering and MBA from Insead.   

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